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Back to action on the oche


Action will resume on the oches on Monday night after the Christmas break  with the opening series of matches in the Fosters sponsored men’s cups which will continue up until the end of February while the ladies will resume on Thursday night.

Games in the Fosters super cup will see all seven played with each game to be over four legs of 501 with a 2-2 result giving each team a point a-piece while a 3-0 or a 3-1 result will see three points going to the team of the successful player.

Winner of bull will throw first in legs one and three with bull loser to throw first in legs 2 and 4.

Because of the extended format, teams must now arrive earlier at their opponent’s venue and if it is found that teams are not complying with this directive, then a return to the previous best of three legs will immediately be reinstated.

The top two teams from each section will qualify for the semifinals and they will be played at the Gallows on Monday February 19

All games in the remaining three divisions will be played over the best of three legs of 501 and home player to throw to the bull which will decide the order of throwing, with the winner of the bull to throw first in legs 1 and 3.

Divisions one and two will see the top three sides from each section qualify for the playoffs with each section winner going straight to the semifinals while the second and third placed sides will all play in the quarterfinals.

The quarterfinals of the first and second divisions will be played on Monday February 12 with the semifinals and final on Monday February 19.

The Tom Lynch junior cup seminals will be played on Monday February 12 and the final on Monday February 19.

Sympathy of the CDO is extended to John Twomey, Fowley’s/ Shamrock Bar and Ferry Boat Inn, and his extended family on the recent sad passing of Johns wife Geraldine.

Delegate meeting Tuesday night at the Gerald Griffin where fixture lists for all current competitions will be available while all teams are reminded that any fees owing must be cleared at this meeting.


Fixtures for Monday January 8.

Fosters super cup section 1:

Joshua Tree 2 v Maple Leaf, Harp v Top of the Hill, Bye Groves 1.

Section 2: Tower Bar v Hennessy’s, Groves 2 v Joshua Tree 1.

Fosters first division cup section 1:

Baker Street v Gerald  Griffin, River Lane v Riverstown Inn, Local v Murphy’s Rock.

Section 2: Muskerry Arms v Shamrock Bar, Hennessy’s v Gallows, Bye Quinlan’s.

Fosters  second division section 1:

Joshua Tree 3 v Local, St, Vincent’s v Ma Dullea’s, Bye Old Reliable

Section 2: Residence v Glenryan , Fox and Hounds v Red Cove, Bye Cow.

Tom Lynch junior cup section 1:

Ma Dullea’s v Aunties, City Bounds v River Lane, Bye Tom Lynchs.

Section 2: Glenryan v Shandon Arms, O’Cionnaigh’s v Tower Bar, Bye Carrigaline GAA.

Fixtures for Thursday January 11.

Glenryan ladies A division cup:

Ma Dullea’s 2 v Horgans, Friars Walk Tavern v Ma Dullea’s 1,

Glenryan v Residence, Bye Joshua Tree.

Ma Dullea’s ladies B division cup:

Gallows v Widows, Red Cove Inn v Island Tavern, Local v Glenryan Tavern.






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