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Challenge cup and trophy centre stage tonight

The Quinlans 2 team who were winners of the Cork Darts Organisation Crean and McGarry shield defeating Quinlans 1 in the final played at the Glenryan.                        Picture: Mark Farrell

The second round of the Cork Darts Organisation challenge cup which is sponsored by Councillor Kenneth Collins will be played tonight and also one preliminary round along with the full first round of the CDO challenge trophy will be played.

The playing format for both of the above competitions will be the first to four points with the following format to be played: if after the five singles have being played and no team has reached the four points required then two pairs of doubles will commence and continue to play the best of three legs of 301 double off until one team reaches four points and shall be declared the winner and advance to the next round.

The semifinals and final of the Crean and McGarry shield were completed recently at the Glenryan Tavern and it was Quinlans 1 who got the better of the Joshua Tree while Quinlans 2 proved to be better than the Groves in the semifinals with the resulting final going the way of Quinlans 2 by virtue of a 3-1 scoreline.

The above challenge cup competitions will bring the curtain down on the 2022/23 season but for hardened darts players there will be plenty of competition to be played during the official off season of competitions.

The Gallows Bar on the Bandon Road will once again be the venue for the staging of the Hughie Bowdren and Dave Curtain memorial cups which will be organised once again by Chris Collins.

The cups competitions will run for at least nine weeks and will be played over a league format and it is intended to play the grand finals night on the tenth week of the competition with a stipulation that players must play in at least six rounds of the nine that are set for competition to qualify for the grand finals night.

The intention is to begin the competition on either Monday the 12 or Monday 19 of June.

The top 32 players at the end of the nine weeks will qualify to play in the Hughie Bowdren memorial cup with the next sixteen players to qualify for the Dave Curtin perpetual cup

More details can be obtained by contacting Chris Collins at 0861988534.

Fixtures for tonight: CDO challenge cup: River Lane 1 v O’Cionnaighs, Ma Dulleas 1 v Riverstown, Old Reliable v Red Cove, Carrigaline GAA v Tower, Gallows 2 v Joshua 1, Quinlans 1 v Gallows 1, Groves 1 v Local 1, Maple Leaf v Quinlans 2.

Challenge trophy: Groves 2 v Hennessys at 8.45pm and winner v Residence, Walsh’s Sports Bar v Muskerry, Joshua 3 v Cotton Ball, Aunties v Groves 3, Gallows 3 v Ma Dulleas 2, Residence 2 v River Lane 2, Local 2 v Joshua 2, Jack Fords v Top of the Hill.

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