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More from the past, cause you asked.

Clockwise, from top left.

Kelly Forde, Lisa Desmond, Trevor Keating, Eddy Keating and Breda Barrett at CDO Presentation night at Local 28 june 2013.

CDO committee members at Presentation night 28/6/13, Richard Moloney, Frank Goulding, Roy O’Donovan RIP and Sean Leahy.

Sean Street memorial B and C grade champion 2013 Dean Forde with Sean Leahy Andy O’Neill and our late Chairman Roy O’Donovan.

Cork City individual champion 8 March 2014 Martin Dineen with Paul McGarry and Sean Leahy.

Red Cove ladies team 15 November 2013.

Girls having fun at the CDO Presentation night at the Local 28/6/13, Charlotte Barry, Christine O’Mahony, Kay Monaher, Richard Moloney, Mary O’Connor and Mary Long.

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