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City individuals roll of honour

The Cork Darts Organisation men’s Cork City individual championship will be held on Friday March 16 at St, Vincent’s Hurling and Football club Pavilion.

This will be the 70th, staging of this long running singles competition that began it’s life back in 1949 and it was commonly know by it’s sponsors name, the Murphy individual championship through it’s sponsor Murphy’s Stout who sponsored the championship up until 2007 with the first ever winner of the singles title Tim Carey who represented the Corner House.

One Father and son pairing has the honour of winning the title with Paddy Cotter who won it while playing for the Sportsman’s Rest on Dominick Street in 1967 being followed 33 years later by his son Martin Cotter as he won it while playing for the Island Tavern in 2000.

Damien O’Driscoll has won the championship on 5 occasions, 2007/09/10/11/13 while two players have won it on 4 occasions, Matt O’Sullivan in 1968/75/79/81 and Chris O’Neill in 1991/92/98/99 while John O’Shea has three wins under his belt, 2002/03 and 2008

However the honour of delivering the most wins goes to the living legend himself, Stephen Coveney who has been champion on no fewer that 9 times.

Coveney’s winning years were 1986,89/90/93/95/96/97/ 2005 and 2006.

He was attached to Con O’Donovan’s in 86/89 and 1990, CIE club in 93/95/96 and 97 and he played with the Watercourse Inn as he won it in 2005 and 2006.

Below is the full list of winners since first played for back in season 1949/50

1949/50-  Tim Carey*** Corner House

1950/51  –   Dan Browne***Stags Head

1951/52 –   Paddy Maher***Stags Head

1952/53 -Tim Hurley***Stags Head

1953/54 -Martin Mahony***Joe’s Place

1954/55 -Steve Murray***Raven

1955/56- Dan Browne***Stags Head

1956/57- Sil Manning***Raven

1957/58- Dan O’Donovan***Steeple

1958/59- John O’Shea***Coughlan’s

1959/60- Pat Mulcair***Raven

1960/61-John Daly***Chimes

1961/62-Pat Looney***Coughlan’s

1962/63-Sean Kelly***Coughlan’s

1963/64-Paddy Cotter***Sportsmans Rest

1964/65-Jack Forde***Steeple

1965/66-Mick O’Keefe***Molly Macs

1966/67-John Flynn***Dew Drop Inn

1967/68-Paddy Cotter***Sportsmans Rest

1968/69-Matt O’Sullivan***Riverview Inn

1969/70-Sonny Leonard***Sportsmans

1970/71-Denis McGrath***Collins Bks,

1971/72-Barry Greaney***Con O’Donovans

1972/73-Frank Murphy***Glenryan

1973/74-John Buckley***Refinery Club

1974/75-Liam Guiney***Shandon View

1975/76-Matt O’Sullivan***Black Swan

1976/77-Noel Fowley***Fowley’s

1977/78-Joe Spillane***Ardmanning

1978/79-Jerome Good***Refinery Club

1979/80-Tom Elliffe***Fowley’s

1980/81-Matt O’Sullivan-Oval

1981/82-Gerald Sheehan-Whitnells

1982/83-Matt O’Sullivan***Oval

1983/84-John Buckley***Handlebars

1984/85-John Hadlow***Boothouse

1985/86-Stephen Coveney***Con O’Donovan’s

1986/87-Denis McCarthy***Sportsmans Rest

1987/88-Ted O’Mahony***Con O’Donovan’s

1988/89-Stephen Coveney***Con O’Donovan;s

1989/90-Stephen Coveney***Con O’Donovan’s

1990/91-Chris O’Neill***CIE Club

1991/92-Chris O’Neill***CIE Club

1992/93-Stephen Coveney***CIE Club

1993/94-James Corcoran***CIE Club

1994/95-Stephen Coveney***CIE Club

1995/96-Stephen Coveney***CIE Club

1996/97-Stephen Coveney***CIE Club

1997/98-Chris O’Neill***CIE Club

1998/99-Chris O’Neill***CIE Club

1999/2000-Martin Cotter***Island Tavern

2000/01-Stephen O’Connor***St, Vincent’s

2001/02-John O’Shea***St, Vincent’s

2002/03-John O’Shea***Island Tavern

2003/04-Stephen O’Connor***Watercourse Inn

2004/05-Stephen Coveney***Watercourse Inn

2005/06-Stephen Coveney***Watercourse Inn

2006/07-Damien O’Driscoll***Watercourse Inn

2007/08-John O’Shea***Gerald Griffin

2008/09-Damien O’Driscoll***Brian Dillon’s

2009/10-Damien O’Driscoll***Brian Dillon’s

2010-/11-Damien O’Driscoll***Brian Dillon’s

2011/12-John “Dinny Bob’s” McCarthy***Tower Bar

2012/13-Damien O’Driscoll***Joshua Tree

2013/14-Martin Dineen***Anglers

2014/15-John Kiely***Tower Bar

2015/16-Radek Szaganski***Harp

2016/17-Robbie O’Donovan***Groves

2017/18-Dean Forde***Groves



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