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Roll back the years.

Some real golden oldies.


This is the Shandon View (Now the Joshua Tree) B division league winners around the mid 1960s.
At back left is the late Barry Cotter and at back right is Brendan O’Dea and at rear by dart board is John Galgey. Brendan O’Dea you might let me know the names of the remaining few.

Look at all the shirt and ties lads, proper gents.

Brendan O’Dea on left accepting the CDO Hall of fame award from the CDO Chairman the late Roy O’Donovan for the 1998/99 season at CDO awards night held at St, Vincent’s GAA club. Also included is CDO Treasurer the late Sean Street.

Lots of familiar faces here but memory gone again. only one I can definitely name is at back left Paddy Hegarty and the team is the Stage Door which was just above the Opera House by Vibes and Scribes. This is also from the early 60s.


The Black Swan team and supporters from 1977 show off the silverware they won during the season at the Premises on Anglesea Street. 
Lots of very familiar faces in this one also.
Philly O’Callaghan, Denis McGrath, Sean O’Halloran, Dick O’Meara, I could go on and on as they say. Enjoy.

The CDO senior quartet entertains the attendance at St, Vincent’s 2005, our late Chairman Roy, Neilus O’Mahony, myself and the one and only Dinny Bob’s.

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