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Joshua Tree and Gallows reign supreme

The Cork Darts Orginisation Division 2 semifinals and final were played at the Local bar on Monday last. The semifinals saw the Glenryan (2) beat Glenryan (1) and the Joshua tree beat the Local.  It was a close and tense final between the Josh and the Glenryan with the score at 2-2 after 4.  Paul McGarry for the Glenryan was in to face Gordon O’Brien for the Josh to dispute the final game.  O’Brien was quick off the blocks in the first leg, leaving himself on double 16 after 12 darts.  But failing to hit the winning double after 6 attempts, McGarry was soon down to Top’s but narrowly missed as O’Brien checked out the first leg on double 1. McGarry brought the game back to par and a 3rd and deciding leg got underway. McGarry started with 100, 140 and 85 as O’Brien was close behind him with scores of 100, 100 and 121. And It was a battle for doubles at the end, with McGarry missing 2 match darts at double 10, and O’Brien checking out 68 to win the match, and the cup for the Josh.

The CDO Junior Division semifinals and final took place at the Riverlane, and it was the Gallows bar and the Muskerry arms that won their semifinals games against the Island tavern and Tower bar. The Gallows went on to beat the Muskerry arms 3-1 in the final.

It’s down to the final week of games in the group stages of the Fosters sponsored Super and 1st divisions. The Josh sit on top of section 1 in the Super league on 30 points and Rosies in 2nd on 28 with Hennessy’s and Maple leaf on 22 and 21.  Tonight’s fixtures in that section are the Local V Hennessy’s, Maple Leaf V Joshua Tree and Gallows V Rosies.

Section 2 table toppers, the Groves, finish on 26 points as they have a bye. In second place are Top of the hill on 21 and are at home to Ma Dullea’s tonight. 3rd place Riverstown Inn have 19 and play away to Quinlans, who are on 14 points. The quarter finals will be played next week at the Groves.

Section 1 in the 1st Division have Bakers street on top with 26 and play away to the Riverlane tonight. Residence are 2nd on 22 and are away to Riverstown inn. Aunties finish on 19.  

Section 2 sees Carrigaline GAA on top with 23 and finish at that as they have a bye tonight as 2nd place the Groves have 20 points and play away to Hennessey’s. Division 1 quarter finals will be played next week at the Glenryan.

Delegate meeting tomorrow night will be at the Joshua tree at 8:30pm.

Mark Farrell.

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