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Carrigaline do the Groves no favours on the Road.

Action resumed on the oche in the Cork Darts Organisation Fosters leagues after the Christmas break on Monday night last. Carrigaline GAA got off to a winning start, beating the Groves 2 in the Blackpool venue 3-2. Peter Glavin was in first for the Groves, facing Shane Wafer. Glavin took the first leg, with 3 ton plus scores and hit the double on the first attempt with an 84 checkout. In the second leg, Glavin wasn’t as successful on the doubles, missing 5 darts to take a 2 nil lead, but Wafer checked out 68, bringing the game to par. They both traded the next 2 legs and a decider was underway.  Glavin, got the leg underway with a 140, and Wafer replied with 100. It was level pegging down to the double and it was wafer that checked out, after Peter missing 2 match darts. Next up was Brendan Long for the Groves, to play Matt Field, and it was Field that won 3-0.  Tom O’Mahony was in next for Carrigaline GAA and in for the Groves was John O’Callaghan. With 2 180’s and several ton plus scores, O’Callaghan stormed through with a 3-0 win. John Moynihan brought the contest to a tie, beating Carrigaline’s Ian Kelly, 3-2. Paul Leahy had a battle with Phil Wilson and it was Wilson that came out on top with a 3-1 win. 

All results from last Monday are;

Fosters Super League 

Riverstown Inn 3-2 Joshua Tree 1, Ma Dullea’s 1-4 Top of the Hill, Cow 0-5 Rosies, Maple Leaf 3-2 Joshua Tree 2, Quinlan’s 4-1 Gallows, Local 0-5 Groves.

Fosters  1st Division 

Groves 2-3 Carrigaline GAA, Aunties 5-0 Hennessy’s, Residence 2-3 River Lane, Hannah Bawns 3-2 Riverstown Inn, Baker Street 1-4 Old Reliable, Bye River Lane 2.

Fosters  2nd  Division 

Joshua Tree 4-1 Red Cove, Glenryan 2 3-2 Shamrock, Local 1-4 Glenryan 1, Gallows 5-0 St, Vincent’s.

Riverlane Junior Division 

Muskerry Arms 3-2 Ma Dullea’s, Jack Fords 4-1 Residence, River Lane 3-2 Tower, Fox and Hounds 3-2 Island Tavern.

Fixtures for tonight are;

Super Division; Top of the Hill V Cow, Riverstown Inn V Ma Dullea’s, Rosies V Joshua Tree 1, Gallows V the Local, Maple Leaf V Quinlans and Joshua Tree 2 V the Groves.

Division 1; Hennessy’s V Residence, Groves 2 V Aunties, Carrigaline GAA V River Lane 1, Old Reliable V Hannah Bawns, River Lane 2 V Riverstown Inn and the Baker street have a bye.

Division 2; Redcove V the Local, Glenryan 1 V Joshua Tree, St. Vincent’s V Glenryan 2 and Shamrock V Gallows.  

Junior Division; Ma Dullea’s V River Lane, Tower bar V Muskerry Arms, Island Tavern V Jack Fords and Residence V Fox & Hounds.

The delegate meeting will be at the Joshua tree tomorrow night at 8:30pm.

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