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Seventy-one and counting the countdown to Friday March 27 to make it 72

List of Cork City individual darts champions since first played for in season 1948/49

1949-  Tim Carey*** Corner House

1950  –   Dan Browne***Stags Head

1951 –   Paddy Maher***Stags Head

1952 -Tim Hurley***Stags Head

1953 -Martin Mahony***Joe’s Place

1954 -Steve Murray***Raven

1955- Dan Browne***Stags Head

1956- Sil Manning***Raven

1957- Dan O’Donovan***Steeple

1958- John O’Shea***Coughlan’s

1959- Pat Mulcair***Raven

1960-John Daly***Chimes

1961-Pat Looney***Coughlan’s

1962-Sean Kelly***Coughlan’s

1963-Paddy Cotter***Sportsmans

1964-Jack Forde***Steeple

1965-Mick O’Keefe***Molly Macs

1966-John Flynn***Dew Drop Inn

1967-Paddy Cotter***Sportsmans

1968-Matt O’Sullivan***Riverview Inn

1969-Sonny Leonard***Sportsmans

1970-Denis McGrath***Collins Bks,

1971-Barry Greaney***Con O’Donovans

1972-Frank Murphy***Glenryan

1973-John Buckley***Refinery club

1974-Liam Guiney***Shandon View

1975-Matt O’Sullivan***Black Swan

1976-Noel Fowley***Fowley’s

1977-Joe Spillane***Ardmanning

1978-Jerome Good***Refinery club

1979-Matt O’Sullivan***Oval

1980-Tom Elliffe***Fowley’s

1981-Matt O’Sullivan***Oval

1982-Gerald Sheehan***Whitnells

1983-Matt O’Sullivan***Oval

1984-John Buckley***Handlebars

1985-John Hadlow***Boothouse

1986-Stephen Coveney***Con O Donovan

1987-Denis McCarthy***Sportsmans

1988-Ted O’Mahony***Con O’Donovans

1989-Stephen Coveney***Con O Donovan

1990-Stephen Coveney***Con O Donovan

1991-Chris O’Neill***CIE club

1992-Chris O’Neill CIE club

1993-Stephen Coveney***CIE club

1994-James Corcoran***CIE club

1995-Stephen Coveney***CIE club

1996-Stephen Coveney***CIE club

1997-Stephen Coveney***CIE club

1998-Chris O’Neill***CIE club

1999-Chris O’Neill***CIE club

2000-Martin Cotter***Island Tavern

2001-Stephen O’Connor***St, Vincent’s

2002-John O’Shea***St, Vincent’s

2003-John O’Shea***Island Tavern

2004-Stephen O’Connor***Watercourse

2005-Stephen Coveney***Watercourse

2006-Stephen Coveney***Watercourse

2007-Damien O’Driscoll***Watercourse

2008-John O’Shea***Gerald Griffin

2009-Damien O’Driscoll***Brian Dillon’s

2010-Damien O’Driscoll***Brian Dillon’s

2011-Damien O’Driscoll***Brian Dillon’s

2012- John “Dinny Bob’s” McCarthy ***Tower

2013-Damien O’Driscoll***Joshua Tree

2014-Martin  Dineen***Anglers

2015-John Kiely***Brian Dillon’s

2016-Radek Szaganski***Brian Dillon’s

2017-Robbie O’Donovan***Groves Bar

2018- Dean Forde *** Groves Bar

2019- Stephen O’Connor*** Tower Bar

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