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The CDO 2020 Covid Cup

Cork Darts Organisation 2020 Heineken sponsored Online individuals championship

The CDO, in conjunction with our sponsors Heineken Ireland, are willing to run an online competition this weekend, for all CDO team registered players.

If we can get to 64 players, it will go ahead on Sunday, May 24th starting at 2:30pm. It will be €10 entry with a total prize fund of €1500.

There will be 16 groups, round robin, with the winner of each group qualifying for the last 16. The last 16 will be a knockout.

All remaining players will be entered to a shield knockout competition.

Registration can be done by contacting Mark Farrell on facebook or email

We hope to have a good interest and reach our goal of 64 contenders. However, if there are not enough entries, the CDO may invite players that have had long term affiliation within the CDO.

If we don’t get enough numbers, the format may slightly change. For those that have entered, you can send payment on this link


This competition is confined to CDO active team registered players of this current season. (2019/2020)

You are required to use Facebook messenger for video call, with the board clearly visible from your camera, and a second device to use the online darts scoring website, NAKKA n01. (I will post a tutorial on NAKKA for those that have not used it yet).

There will be a Facebook group chat set up for all players entered. The winner is to submit the result from their game in that group chat, with a screen shot of the result.

We will use the website “Challonge” for the running of the competition. A link will be provided once set up. The setup is completely automated and groups are randomly picked.

The format will be as follows;

The group stages are round robin, 501 best of 3 (First to 2). The name that is first in the fixture will be first to the bull. Only 25 and bull will count. The winner of the bull will go first in odd numbered legs.

The winner of each group will proceed to the last 16, knockouts. If there is a tie, Challonge will automatically determine the winner by; Winner of the tied players (Head to head) and by games won. If there needs to be a playoff to determine the group winner, Challonge will have it set up automatically.


Last 16 best of 5

Last 8 best of 7

Semi-Final best of 9

Final best of 11. (The final will be streamed live on Facebook).

Shield knockout;

All games up to the semi-final, best of 3.

Semi-final best of 5

Final best of 7

Prize fund breakdown;


Last 16 €30

Last 8 €50

Semi-finalists €75

Finalist €150

Winner €400


Last 8 €20

Semi-finalists €30

Finalist €70

Winner €150

Winners can be paid by cash, PayPal or cheque.

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