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Con O’Donovans top team of the 80s

Con O’Donovans team of the 80s and mid 90s showing off their array of silverware won in a season, picture taken at their home base in Cornmarket Place.

From back left: John Leahy, Jim McGee RIP, Stephen Coveney, Tom McSweeney RIP, Liam Guiney RIP, Con O’Donovan RIP.

Seated: John Barrett RIP, Jack Tobin, Donie Mulcahy RIP, Paul McGee

Joshua Tree 2 pictured before their home league game against the High House in November 2011 Pictured below are the High House team

  • The High House.

Picture taken at St, Vincent’s in September 2008 at the launch of the Evening Echo sponsorship of CDO competitions: Sean Leahy, Committee CDO, Roy O’Donovan RIP Chairman CDO, Frank Goulding Secretary CDO, Tim Jones RIP Vice Chairman CDO

Tim Sheehan proprietor of the Local presenting the Ladies 301 shield for the double-off singles championship to winner Marie O’Sullivan of the Red Cove Inn in October 2011.

B and C doubles champions 2005 played at, Vincent’s GAA Pavilion, champions on left, Derry Desmond and partner John Kearney on right with assistant manager Rory.

Damien O’Driscoll on left, Kevin McDonnell centre and Dinny Bobs RIP pictured at the Joshua Tree 25th, anniversary celebrations in August 2012 at the Joshua Tree.

Darren Downey representing the St, Vincent’s darts team with the B and C singles trophy he won in 1997 and which was played at the Arcadia Cork in November.

The ladies representing the High House B division pictured at the Local on Military Hill with proprietor Tim Sheehan and on right High House proprietor High House Ashley O’Callaghan. Picture late 90s/early 2000s

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